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Suze Bouwer | Red Matchstick helps start-ups, small to medium business owners and managers grow their business.

With a Marketing Made Simple Strategy, you get a a system that suits any business and takes Suspects to Prospect to Customers as they get to Like – Know and Trust you an your business enough to Buy!

Marketing is about focusing on the “right message, to the right person, in the right place at the right time” AND, successful marketers are creating “the right Value, to the right audience, in their time.”

– Robert Rose (adapted)

Marketing Made Simple Explained

You need the Right Message!

Focus on the customer, their challenge, problem or desire and using appropriate copy writing and image they understand and resonate with.

Put in front of the Right Audience!

The cornerstone of your marketing effort is to understand your ideal customers better than anyone.

This is the sure way to laser focus your offer. Know what they Value and not what you think is great about your offer!

If you cannot describe your IDEAL CUSTOMER in detail, this questionnaire will help you. DOWNLOAD NOW

Where their attention is in the Right Place!

Knowing where your ideal prospects hang out helps you know fine-turn your effort, go to them and put your message there in the best way to get their attention.

At the Right Time!

Prospects are on a Buying Journey and they want you to help them with their purchasing decision with appropriate marketing communication: Starting with helping them find you to adding value and showing why you deserve their attention; then to demonstrate why you are the best choice; give them the proof then need to help decide ans present your best offer at the right time.

Finally deliver on your promise in the most authentic, trustworthy and relevant way to keep me coming back for more!

Marketing Coach for Start-ups, Business Owners and Operators
Redmatchstick Marketing Coach recommends a Social Selling System
Marketing Made Simple Social Selling System

First, help them KNOW You

  • Social Media Marketing MORE …
  • Search
  • Local Marketing
  • Web Presence

Get them to LIKE you

BUILD the Relationship

  • Tutorials
  • Reputation Management
  • Email Marketing MORE …
  • Direct Messaging

CONVERT to Customers

  • Irresistible Offers
  • E-commerce
  • Payment Gateway
  • Systems
  • Advocacy
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“The web attacks traditional ways of doing things and this is very uncomfortable for traditional businesses to deal with.”  

– Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO, WPP Group

Marketing Made Simple Business Coach

Essentially Effective Modern Marketing includes:

  • Defining WHAT you Sell in terms of how it helps your Customers.
  • WHO is your Ideal Customer and their online buying journey.
  • Being WHERE you reach your Customer.
  • HOW TO communicate effectively with Customers in a way that engages, builds trust and leads to Sales!
  • Integrating marketing TACTICS to get your word out there and attract people to your website. i.e. None of these can stand alone:  email, social media, website optimization, blogging and video marketing.


After many, many years of marketing other people’s businesses, I decided to create my own businesses and help others by passing on what I put into practice and what I have and continue to learn every day.

I am Suze Bouwer, a Business Owner AND a Marketing Coach who loves to inspire and work with Start-ups, Small to Medium Business Owners and Managers:

  • who want to be helped
  • who want to learn new things
  • who will do the work.
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