Digital Marketing for Small Business

Digital Marketing is what modern marketing is all about – like it or hate it, you have to embrace it.  I invite you to work with me to get results easier, quicker and probably at less cost than carrying on in denial or muddling about trying to figure out your own Digital Marketing.

“It is the people who figure out how to work simply in the present, rather than the people who mastered the complexities of the past, who get to say what happens in the future.”  – Clay Shirky, author, professor

Digital Marketing Components

Technology is taking over and the rate at which the digital environment is changing, makes it very difficult to stay at the cutting edge; let alone implement new promotional ideas and marketing tactics!

Your Customers are online and they demand that you are there too.

They require relevant and engaging information 24/7 365 days of the year.  And, since you your Competitors all clamouring to be heard in an increasingly noisy space so your have a teeny window of opportunity.  It figures that had better be good at it because potential and current people business decision makers have access to heaps and heaps of it at the swipe of a finger or click of a button.

A RedMatchstick Digital Marketing Coach can help you keep up and even out perform IF you are prepared do the work!

Work with your own Digital Marketing Coach

Red Matchstick is the perfect online marketing resource for small businesses that does not have access to the resources and  expertise that the big brands have.

Working with Suze Bouwer will not only help you establish what is important to grow your business but also show you how to do it in your workplace with minimum waste of time, budget and energy!

Learn Digital Marketing for Small Business

Suze Bouwer is neither an Ad or Design consultant or Agency.

Working with a coach to develop your Digital Marketing strategy will integrate your website, social media, email marketing, blogging, content generation and SEO.

Here is a framework that work through on side by side with our clients – coaching on essential step and ultimately putting in place a plan that guides all stakeholders and focuses effort on what you do and why!

More about how to do your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing for Small BusinessEven if you already have your Marketing Strategy in place, and you just want to update your plan to get up to date with the changing times, then  check these boxes:


YES - make it mine Why are you in business?  Are you focused on what matters most?  If you do not believe in your Promise and get great pleasure out of what you do, then find something that does do that or get a 9 to 5 job working for someone else.


YES - make it mineWho is your IDEAL CUSTOMER really?  Once you know who they are, where they spend their time, what interests them, what keeps them awake at night; who they follow, what they watch and read … then, and ONLY THEN can you talk to them in a language they understand, relate to and want to know better!


YES - make it mineDo you understand what you offer in terms of BENEFITS you deliver?  If you only tell customer what they can see, taste, touch and not what change they can expect to see as a result of investing in you and how they will feel, then you are leaving your money right there on the table!


YES - make it mineWhere do they Buy – online and offline?  Are you at every touch point and checking there is absolutely NO friction that may impact negatively on your conversion rates?

Why + What + Who + Where + When = YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY

HOW?  You need us to show you the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to get there!


YES - make it mineDo you engage throughout the Customer Journey?  The internet has created a journey starting with Dreaming through to Sharing.  Your job as on a marketer is to position your offer in front of them to get their Attention, retain their Interest, inspire their Desire to Acquire!  (AIDA)

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