We are not the biggest transcribing service nor the oldest but you would be hard pressed to find better reliability, accuracy and efficiency. 

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We  transcribe recordings from digital (DSS, MP3) and analog formats (although digital is preferred) to text.

Transcription is only offered in English.

Turn-around time is dependent on the length and clarity of the recording.


Your audio file can be sent to us by either attaching it to an email.  Alternatively large files may be shared via Dropbox or Google Docs.


R10 per audio minute.

It is important to submit clear, good quality recordings to facilitate accurate transcription.  Poor quality recordings will compromise transcript accuracy and we cannot be held responsible for this.

See below on how to achieve this.


Delivery is confirmed on receipt of 50% deposit.

On completion of the work, the outstanding balance must be paid prior to sending you your document in both MS Word or PDF format.


We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of all material entrusted to us at all times and will not divulge the same to a third party for any reason.


For accurate and timeous transcription, it is important to ensure that the sound quality of the recording is clear.  To achieve this, the following points are pertinent:

  • Use a recording device that allows you to record in digital format (MP3, DSS).
  • Try to be as close to the recording device as possible and speak clearly.
  • If there is more than one voice to be recorded, ask them to speak one at a time, loudly and clearly.
  • Identity each Speaker before they start so that comments can be correctly attributed to that speaker.
  • Minimise background noise as this is one of the main causes of inaudible recordings.  Even the slightest door bang or chair move can affect the clarity of the recording, let alone air conditioners, fans, and white noise.
  • If unusual terminalogy or uncommon words are used, it would be of great help to spell these for the sake of accuracy.
  • Ensure the recording is done at the highest possible resolution or setting for good quality sound.
  • Ensure cellphones are turned off – this is a major disturbance in a recording.

To sum up, a poor quality audio recording will result in a poor transcription as the transcriber can only transcribe what is heard and understood.

Terms and Conditions:

Confidentiality:  We commit to protecting the confidentiality of all material entrusted to us by our clients.  We will not divulge any material to a third party for any reason other than with the client’s explicit consent.

Storage:  We will store clients contact details for invoicing purposes only and should the client request us to delete this after completion of our transaction, we will do so immediately.  Material sent to us and the transcribed copy will be stored for a period of 30 days only in case of query by the client, and thereafter deleted.

Payment:  We reserve the right to commence work ONLY ONCE 50% deposit has been paid as per invoice which will be sent on receipt of your audio recording.  Payment of the balance is required on completion of the work – an amended invoice will be sent.  On receipt of proof of payment, the completed work will be sent to you.

Limitation of liability:  Electronic transmission cannot be guarantee to be secured therefore we cannot accept liability of any loss, damage, corruption or interception of any of our clients work, files, materials or other communications except where such loss or damage is attributable to negligence on our part which can fairly and reasonably be proven.  Neither shall we be held liable for the accuracy of the transcriptions including, but not limited to, proof-reading of the transcriptions or mistakes in transcriptions due to inaudible and poor quality recording.  It is the client’s responsibility to proof-read work.

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