Traditional Marketing

Red Matchstick was created to bring many years of traditional marketing together with essential modern marketing practices to enable small businesses to compete with less.

Whilst ‘old fashioned’ marketing models may be considered has-been, there are principle and expertise that cannot be erased by digital marketing.  These include integration of all your marketing tactics – offline and online.

Just as social media cannot stand alone without a website, your print, stationary, signage, customer service and processes require the new 7P approach to your marketing strategy.

Traditional Marketing to the 7P's

So often modern marketers emphasis all things digital and under estimate the importance of all the other touch points that build a positive brand awareness, lead to trust and convert into Sales.

The internet has created a Customer Journey which is constantly changing, the way small business owners and managers market their small businesses irrespective of whether it is a Lodge, Golf Club, Boutique Hotel, Restaurant; also Hairdressers, Photographers, Estate Agents, Musicians, Therapists or a Shop.

Things like the physical attributes of your offering, price, branding, customer service and other touch points still require the human approach of traditional marketing.  Your and your staff must step away from behind a screen to make an emotional connection.

“If the marketer does a good job of identifying customer needs, developing appropriate products and pricing, distributing, and promoting them effectively, these goods will sell very easily”  – Philip Kotler

With our traditional marketing expertise we can help you integrate all your marketing tactics to create a truly authentic relationship with your prospects and customers.

Traditional Marketing Services