The Value of Independent Experts

A thought for the week

– synergies with small, independent sales, marketing and PR experts offers owners a really effective solution that brings hands-on services, cost savings, out of the box strategies and so much more … much like creative design

Benefits of Engaging a Small Design Studio

In a small design studio, the principle/owner is the client contact person and the key designer. The small firm does not have overheads such as maintaining a large staff or an impressive office and hence is able to provide lower fees. Because of its size, the studio can offer a more personalised service. Since the design project will be undertaken mainly by the owner, the approach will be based on his/her individual style rather than a generic approach. Smaller firms, despite having less manpower, often have the passion and determination to pursue and successfully complete large-scale projects. This is usually done through well-planned networking efforts. Smaller firms also tend to care more about their client relationships, as these are vital for procuring and maintaining business.


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