E-Commerce and Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour

Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour Changes and Life as we knew it is no longer business as usual. Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour Changes means that the way we consumers Live, Work, Play and Shop have all changed your loved ones, friends, extended families, colleagues, suppliers, customers, clients, services, you name it, have changed, some forever and some short-term. […]

Easy Ways to Step Up your Marketing

Welcome to my weekly blog to provide you Easy Ways to Step Up your Marketing. To be honest I have not practised what I preached these past few years while I have been focused on creating my online store and not directing enough attention to my core business and you!  Time to rectify that! “Your […]

How To Attract Clients with Content Marketing

Learn How To Attract Clients with Great Content Marketing In consultation with you, we compile your calendar, create content, post the content regularly and consistently as required to achieve your marketing objectives, plus supply a monthly performance report. To be effective with Content Marketing, you must know: Who your Ideal Customer is and what they […]

Email is Not Dead, Just More Important!

Just a reminder that EMAIL IS NOT DEAD especially when working hand in hand with social media and an e-commerce website to convert sales; it is very much alive!  An integrated marketing strategy is essential to find new customers, warm and massage the relationship until they are ready to engage and want more.  And, wherever […]

Ignite Your Marketing Strategy

A killer marketing strategy will close the gap between where you are now in your business and what you dream about becoming! This is your year BUT you know that you cannot keep doing the same things over and expect different and better results. What you need is a sound, sustainable and successful Marketing Strategy. […]

Social Media Part IV: Twitter & YouTube

Social media is not a fad nor a trend. It’s here to stay and essential for any online existence. Its indispensable for marketers, it’s but as a marketing channel, things can get a bit confusing. Social media marketing includes 100’s of potential social media sites, a vast array of ways to engage, and a medley […]