Marketing Consultant


Custyoemr Buying JourneyModern Marketing requires that all your marketing efforts are consistently and seamlessly integrated.  That is the ONLY WAY to ensure that you can meet your audience at every touch point, irrespective if which stage of their customer journey they are on.

In order to ignite your online marketing strategy we can help you by do it for you:

Services include:

  • Marketing Plan
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Website development and redesign
  • Setting up of Word Press Blog and Social Media Platforms
  • Online Advertising (Social Media & Google)
  • Creative Design for campaigns or post
  • Social media content generation
  • Gap Analysis

integrated marketing strategy may required WE DO IT FOR YOU

A typical Marketing Consultant DIY Agreement would include:

  • Strategize by way of a monthly meeting with the Company’s Marketing team. This will entail working through the Company Events and Campaign Calendar to identify marketing opportunities and the necessary action to be taken.
  • Provide a Plan setting out individual expectations required to implement marketing tactics on behalf of the Company.
  • The Consultant will meet separately with their designated Content Editor, following the monthly meeting with the Company, to strategize and schedule the Action Plan.
  • The Content Editor will assist with Design, Branding, Content Generation, and Blogging plus Manage the Company’s Facebook Page off-site, under the direction of the Consultant.
  • Updates and communication with the relevant parties will be via a Whats App Group.
  • x1 Facebook Post per day focused on the unique Wanderers Golf Club Experience i.e. food, pro shop, golf course, events, golf days etc. and, will be designed to attract and engage ideal customers.
  • Responding within the hour, 75% of the time, to Comments, Check-ins, Reviews and Messaging.
  • To alert the General Manager promptly via Whats App and solicit the appropriate response to any reputation management issues.
  • Create Facebook Events as required.
  • Run a Facebook Ads to a max budget of R500 per month. Ad Objectives will be agreed at the monthly meeting and may include promoting an event, membership offers, engaging with the current audience; and, attracting a new audience.
  • X1 WordPress Blog “Landing Page” per month i.e. a free platform in the absence of a website with content management capability.
  • A brief Monthly Activity Report.

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