Wednesday Wisdom! Weekly Marketing Workshop

I’d like to invite you to JOIN my Weekly Marketing Workshop to implement my Step-By-Step program to Kickstart Your Marketing Strategy and create a Powerful Online Presence.

Any successful conversion strategy is about putting the RIGHT MESSAGE in front of the RIGHT CUSTOMER in the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME.

It's now the age of Chatbots

Suze makes MARKETING SIMPLE and whether you feel you lack computer skills, don’t know your way around Facebook, don’t know what to put out there to grow your audience and the biggest challenge of all – can’t get your online audience to buy from you; then this is where you will get a breakthrough and will feel excited because Suze will help you believe in yourself and that YOU GOT THIS!

WEDNESDAY WISDOM weekly marketing workshops are for You:

  • if you have tried and failed to finish online courses;
  • if you feel somewhat technologically disadvantaged; 
  • if you finally over muddling along on your own;
  • if you find modern marketing a bit baffling;
  • if you know what you are doing now is not working;
  • if you want a solid marketing foundation to Build and Grow your business.


If you manage or own a restaurant, coffee shop, hair or beauty salon, a local event venue, a business service or sell corporate gifts, own a clothing boutique or craft store; jewellery shop, animal care or grooming, landscaping or plant nursery, if you are a personal trainer or therapist or own a sandwich shop or deli, a daycare business, IT services or even a plumbing business … in fact, business that needs to know how to consolidate an online presence, wants clarity about what to focus on and, wants to be shown how to get better results.

RedMatchstick Ideal Customers

  • No more figuring it out alone.
  • No more Fear of doing something wrong.
  • No more tech overwhelm and not knowing what to do.
  • Implement what is working NOW!
  • Look over my shoulder to see how it is done.
  • Record better results every week you do the work.
  • Watch your Audience GROW & ENGAGE.
  • Convert ‘interest’ into ‘investment’.

Weekly Marketing WorkshopThere are none of the gimmicks and salesy offers here; those that result in that all too familiar buyer’s remorse. 

Here you get to work side-by-side with Suze, in real-time on your own business as well as alongside others facing similar challenges; in a comfortable relaxed setting where you can share experiences and help each other avoid unnecessary pitfalls and delays.

This is not my 8-module self-paced online course but rather a step-by-step series of practical workshops with me taking you by the hand and showing you what and how. 

You leave every workshop having worked directly on your own business, implementing new marketing tactics, as you go.

You can sign up week by week or per month and get week 5 free; whichever suits your budget, your needs, your expertise, your time and availability, etc.

There is no longer any need to struggle on alone with marketing your business and creating a competitive online presence.  You will find out what’s what, know what to leave and when to lean in and listen; and you will know what to measure and how to tweak your strategy to get better results.

There won’t be any embarrassing or wrong questions or lack of computer skills.  You will be given clear examples, and helped along as you implement what you learn using the tried and tested techniques which Suze’s uses every day.

Whether you have a budget to outsource or not, or whether you want to DIY; the most powerful decision you can make is to sign up for the support, mentoring and guidance you need to GROW YOUR BUSINESS and deliver your gift to those that need it.

Suze has over 30 years of marketing experience, having spun the corporate treadmill at high speed for many years.  After going solo, she started and failed a number of times but she kept dusting herself off and getting back up, learning from her mistakes and finding better, smarter and cheaper ways to move on.

Now, she truly WALKS THE TALK  and invites you to let her guide you on the next leg of your entrepreneurial journey.

Suze will not only teach and show you how “Marketing” works in the real world but as you progress through the program, she will mentor and support you through the challenges that every small business owner and entrepreneur faces because she’s been there … lived the self-doubt, suffered overwhelm and spent those sleepless nights.  Suze continues to work with her own mentors to ensure she stays on top of her game and delivers what you need.

Which way are you heading_Most people get sidetracked by all the hype and think that marketing is about doing the cool stuff like Boosting Facebook Post and Google Adwords.   Sadly, such campaigns often leave small business owners with lighter wallets, scratching their head wondering “what just happened?”

That’s because every business is unique and there is no ‘one-size fits all‘.  Don’t make the same mistakes as many people out there and try skipping straight to the marketing tactics that gurus recommend in the oversupply of free webinars, e-books, and YouTube videos.

This series of workshops will help you leapfrog your competition because you’ll be doing all the right work, up front in your own business, and not on some case study that you don’t relate to.

Work side-by-side with your own marketing coach and get results fast for a fraction of the normal cost!

ONLY R500.25 per week! Email us for MORE INFO or to BOOK your Spot

Learn How to Build 5 Essential Marketing Pillars:

  1. WHY are you in Business?  Why should people care what you do and why should they part with their money?
  2. WHO is your Ideal Customer?  One of your most important marketing tasks is to know your customer better than anyone else.  When you do, your messaging changes, how and where your market changes and your entire success rate escalates.
  3. WHAT do you offer in return for their money?  What do you do better and WHAT is in it for them.  When you focus on the transformation, the outcome, the end result, the promise – then you offer people a reason to want more.
  4. WHERE do you go to in this modern world to get the best return on your time, money and effort? It’s simple.  You go where your Ideal Customers hang out.
  5. Finally, HOW do you do it?  What is the right way and what should you focus on?   Working smarter is key, and Suze will show you proven Best Practices.

Week by Week you will learn:

weekly marketing modules

Session 1:      

WHERE your Business is Now

AKA “How to do your own mini Online Audit”

It is critical to start at the very beginning and understand how people find you or your competitors online.

By clarifying where you are now and where you need to be, we set goals and plans to go to the RIGHT PLACES.

Session 2:     

How to Set up your FB Page like a Pro RedMatchstickSetting up your Facebook like a Pro

Experience has shown us that the mini-audit and looking deeper into what your competitors are doing and the many ways you can leverage Facebook to create awareness of your business, workshop participants have asked for this session to come second.  Knowing your Page is READY TO DO BUSINESS is a critical exercise

  1. Pro Use of a Cover photo
  2. Profile image best practices
  3. About Section info to help Facebook know what you are about
  4. How to write YOUR STORY which helps you get clarity about what sets you apart and how you help in a unique way.  Marketing is story-telling and yours should interest prospective customers enough to attract them to your Tribe.
  5. Page Settings – security, messaging etc.

If you are like many small business owners and start-ups, then you are most probably cynical about the Facebook space, concerned about your security, privacy and just being out there and maybe losing control over who sees your stuff; right?

We will show you how to separate your Business Page from your Personal Profile; how to enhance your personal experience and security on Facebook and administrate your Facebook Business Page from a well-managed Personal Profile.

Much of what you learn here is applicable to setting up your BIO on the other social media platforms.

Session 3: 

CONNECTWHO is your Ideal Customer?

This should be the first exercise but we have seen that the exercise makes more sense after you realize how important it is to know your Ideal Customer BETTER than anyone else i.e. what they value most, what and how they buy; what gets their attention and what they need most.  We use Facebook for some of the research and after setting up your page you will find it easier to navigate your way around.

Session 4:      

FAcebook for Business Training RedMatchstick by Suze BouwerFacebook Business Tools

We follow on from what you learned in Session 2 especially now that you know where to go to get your customers attention online.

There are over 4 billion people on the internet worldwide and around 3,1 billion use social media networks. December 2018 statistics show Facebook had more than 2.3 billion monthly active users.

YouTube is the only platform that rivals Facebook with around 1,9 billion users and still following way behind these giants you get Instagram with around 1 billion users; Twitter +/-335m; LinkedIn with 303m and Snapchat at around 291m ‘snappers’.

The reality is that Facebook still reigns in popularity over other social media channels (for now) AND gives marketers so much to work with, and we have proven that this is a good place to start getting your message out there in front of your ideal prospects.

The Posting Tips, Facebook Insights and Content Plan will show you to implement a strategy to ATTRACT, ENGAGE and GROW your audience on Facebook so that you can emulate and re-purpose the tactics almost anywhere online.

Session 5:      

video marketingFacebook Live & Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most engaging content online.

The Algorithms, Your audience, Google and your Strategy demand it.

It is one tactic that can help you achieve objectives at every single stage of your conversion funnel more easily just because it gets more Attention which leads to more Engagement and more Reach and better odds for good returns!

Learn Best Practices to do it without huge cost and on your smartphone.


Now that the basics are in place, you can carry on for another 5 weeks or cherry pick what you NEED!

  • Instagram Basics
  • Lead Magnets, Opt-in forms, and mail list management
  • Website best practices (non-technical tips)
  • Writing Captivating Headlines
  • Facebook Engagement & Conversion Advertising

Fee:  R 500.25 per session.

Email us for MORE INFO or to BOOK your Seat

Kickstart your Marketing with Suze this WEDNESDAY!


On receipt of payment, we mail you your worksheets to print at your office and bring along to the next training at the  RedMatchstick office in Fourways, Johannesburg.   Address to be advised on confirmation.



09h30 to 12h00 


2 to 4.30 pm (check the schedule below)


  • Advance booking and pre-payment – send an email now
  • Your own laptop
  • Your weekly printed worksheet
  • You arrive and start on time
  • Completed Homework
  • Checkin to


WEEKLY WEDNESDAY WISDOM MARKETING WORKSHOPS are restricted to small groups to ensure individual attention.

We will provide instruction, advice, demo’s, answer your questions, clear barriers, share tools, workarounds, everything we can do to get you moving forward in the right direction every single week.

Tea/Coffee break with something delectable to nibble on to sustain the grey matter!

save 25%SAVE 25% NOW!

You can pay week by week if it suits you better and to reduce any risk but Pay 4 weeks in advance and your get Week 5 FREE!

Email us to Sign up!

Join our Weekly Marketing Workshop to Ignite your Online Presence NOW!


Wed 7 March

Learn how to do an Online Audit to review where you are now and be clear on what you need to do next.

Wed 13 March

How to set up your Facebook Page like a Pro to optimize Discover-ability and your User Experience. 

Wed 20 March

Learn how to know your Ideal Customer better than anyone so that you deliver the right message in the right place at the right time.

Wed 27 March

Master the free Facebook Tools at your disposal

Wed 4 April

NO TRAINING – a BREAK because practice makes perfect

Wed 10 April

Learn how to do Video and use it to market your business

Wed 17 April

How to create Content that engages including research, the tools I use, writing captivating headlines and editing tips.

Mail us for more info:

Weekly Marketing Workshop Schedule



Date / Time


Date / Time


Online Audit

Wed 7 March

9.30 am-Noon

Wed 24 April

9.30 am-Noon


Set Up Facebook for Business

Wed 13 March

9.30 am-Noon

p.m. Exclusive

Wed 8 May

9.30 am-Noon


Ideal Customer

Wed 20 March

9.30 am-Noon

p.m. Exclusive

Wed 15 May

9.30 am-Noon


Facebook Tools

Wed 27 March

9.30 am-Noon

p.m. Exclusive

Wed 22 May

9.30 am-Noon


FB Live  & Video Marketing

Wed 10 April

9.30 am-Noon

p.m. Exclusive

Wed 29 May

9.30 am-Noon


Content Generation

Wed 17 April

9.30 am-Noon

Wed  5 June

9.30 am-Noon


Instagram Basics

Wed 24 April

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Wed 12 June

9.30 am-Noon


Website best practices (non-technical)

Wed 8 May

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Wed 19 June

9.30 am-Noon


List Building: Lead Magnets, Opt-ins

Wed 15 May

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Wed 26 June

9.30 am-Noon


Writing Headlines & Post Copy

Wed 22 May

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Wed 3 July

9.30 am-Noon


Facebook Advertising Basics

Wed 29 May

2 – 4.30 p.m.

Wed 10 July

9.30 am-Noon


Pay week by week if it suits you better and to make sure this is for you: 

R 500.25 per session.


Buy any CONSECUTIVE Five Week Bundle & Pay 4:

SAVE R500!

Pay 4 weeks in advance and your get Week 5 FREE! R2001.00 Total  


  • Minimum per Group is 4 people and maximum eight.  Exclusive group training is possible but for 5-week programs only.
  • The training is offered in a relaxed environment, in Fourways, Johannesburg.  Please note there are two large but very friendly dogs.
  • Sessions start promptly to avoid inconvenience to participants and latecomers will not be helped to catch up!
  • Homework is essential to get results and implement training in your business as you progress.
  • Pre Payment is essential to reserve your spot at the Table. 
  • Space is limited!
  • Bundle purchase will only be available for 5 consecutive training sessions and may not be used as and when due to space limitation.
  • Cherry pick individual sessions as needed, subject to availability.


We welcome Decision Makers and Action Takers to our Tribe.