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Kickstart Marketing for Small Business or Start-ups

LEARN HOW to Implement an online Marketing Strategy to Attract, Grow and Convert Customers with Marketing Made Simple!

THE Easy Kickstart Marketing Program for Small Business, Start-ups, and marketing newbies is what you need to ENJOY Marketing your own Business and to overcome fears of technology; making mistakes and wasting money.

Learn how to make Your Business Visible to the Right Audience, Attract them and Create Buyer Readiness. 

GROW  your Business using Facebook Business Tools.

Optimize your website with other inexpensive, but very effective marketing tactics for small businesses.

Are you a Small Business Owner or Start-Up with a great idea and yet you are not getting your message out there and moving FORWARD?

If the answer is YES, then read on …

  • What have you achieved over the past 9 weeks? Can you afford to show the same lack-luster results before 2018 runs out?
  • Can you afford to spend another 3 months taking the long way round?

If the answer is a resounding NO, then read on …

  • Are you wondering how to get more people to buy from you?with with Suze Bouwer Kickstart Marketing for Small Business
  • Are you getting quality leads from Facebook or Instagram?
  • Are you converting your social media audience to customers?
  • Are you really spreading your message and building a community with Facebook and Instagram?
  • Are you sure that you are talking to the right audience on Facebook and Instagram i.e. those who are interested and can afford to buy what you offer?
  • Are you adding so much value to your community that they join and stay in your Tribe?
  • Are you posting on Facebook and Instagram daily?
  • Are your various online communities engaging and responding back to you?

Still not sure if you need this?

Are your followers clicking through to your website to view your offers?

Can you describe your ideal customers and know where they hang out online and offline? Do you know what they really need from you?

thinking about Kickstart Marketing for Small Business

Does the wishy-washy social media space leave you feeling out of control without reporting systems to guide your decisions?

Do you believe people actually do make money from social media marketing?

What is “Work in Progress”?   Are you busy creating a new business and only then you’ll go to the market?

Are you busy with what matters most, right now i.e. focusing your efforts on what really grows your business?

Are you creating Brand Awareness using social media? 

Then answer this, how many fans have you got and how many people do you reach?

Have you got a plan that helps you be consistent with the ideal quantity and quality of posts on Facebook?

Are you baffled by all the talk about the excellent ROI businesses are getting from social media marketing?

If you are not reaching and growing your audience on the sniff of an oil rag, you need to go and put some work into getting to know your ideal customer really well so that you can target your content expertly and create content that they find engaging.

Do you study your Competitors, not so much to see what they do, but rather how their audience responds to them? 

Are you checking how many quality fans your Competitors have, how much engagement is taking place, whether they are consistent with quality and quantity?  Do they post unique content or only share someone else’s?

If you want to build a powerful and enticing brand to attract your ideal customers, you have to learn about the essential marketing basics so you get comfortable and maybe even get to enjoy your marketing.

Are you thinking by now that you cannot do this alone?

JOIN Kickstart Marketing for Small Business NOW You cannot procrastinate a moment longer because That never leads to success. BUT you should ONLY sign up to Join if you are ready to put your foot on the pedal and speed off to that next destination of your Journey called Life!

Easy Kickstart Marketing for Small Business to get you IGNITED! 

Work with Suze Bouwer   @ ZAR 1 380

Make a decision right now to put yourself out there as a no-brainer best choice for your customers!

We know that many small to medium business owners are filled with passion for what they do but when it comes to marketing, they don’t know where to begin and find all the technology, constant change and many options a bit overwhelming.

It would be better to spend your energy on getting on with what you do best than wasting it on worrying and struggling.

It takes a while to build an audience and you shouldn’t wait until you are ready to sell. 

Create your ideal audience and involve them in your building process by asking opinions, offering trials, asking for referrals …

Suze Bouwer, a Small Business Marketing Coach, invites you to work with her through this Marketing short course designed to help you IMPLEMENT & IGNITE YOUR ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY. 

Attract, Grow and Convert Customers to Grow your Business AND Increase Revenue.

DECIDE to Ignite your Marketing HERE, NOW!

@ ZAR 1 380.00

The key to getting results from your marketing efforts is to change the way you think about marketing and to GET the know-how and tools to make it easier;

Focus on what matters most to get noticed, position your business in a way that attracts the attention of the right prospective customers and be able to generate sales.

This program is designed to be convenient, easily doable for any busy entrepreneur, anywhere and anytime.

But, it’s not an instant fix and takes commitment to do the work!

win with Kickstart Marketing for Small BusinessIf you do the work, THE Easy Kickstart Marketing for Small Business short course can set you up with these WINNING WAYS:

  • A visible online presence so that the right people can find you and you make a good first impression!
  • A clear description of your Ideal Customer, where they spend their time and what they need you to help with, so you can serve them best.
  • A Facebook ‘shopfront’ on the busiest street in the world! (With +2 billion Users it’s the place to get started!)
  • The know-how to dress your shop window to attract your Ideal Customer inside!
  • The marketplace knowledge to pitch your prospect in the right way, at the right time in the right place, with the right offer.
  • A magnetic manner that draws people in and makes them want to learn more.
  • A process to convert sales in a way that is a happy experience for your customers.
  • After sales Support system that retains loyalty.
  • A simple, sustainable framework to keep topping up and nurturing new leads into repeat customers.

This Kickstart Marketing program is specifically designed for:

Kickstart Marketing for Small Business Ideal Customers

  • Start-ups, Solopreneurs, Service Professionals, Consultants, Therapists, Artists, Small to Medium Business Owners and Managers of boutique hotels, lodges restaurants, retail outlets,  light industry, and salons.
  • Individuals who are passionate about their dreams.
  • Entrepreneurs and business professionals who have a high desire to achieve success.
  • Individuals with knowledge and experience in their field.
  • Owners and managers who are responsible for marketing their own companies or personal brand.
  • People who understand that it’s time to do things differently and are ready to roll their sleeves up to do the work to grow their business.

Why you should work with Suze on the ‘Easy Kickstart Marketing for Small Business’ & Start-ups

Suze is the founder and owner of RedMatchstick Marketing, created to offer on-the-job marketing implementation coaching to help small business owners and managers.

Suze ‘Shows How to Do’ better modern marketing, in a way that is simple to understand and, easy to implement.  Tapping into over 30 years’ of executive marketing experience throughout Southern Africa in the hospitality industry, Suze Walks the Talk.

Suzette Bouwer been on opening teams for 11 new hotels; tried and tested tactics and strategies, and in later years, with a few essential character building failures; set up her own businesses and helped others do the same with the best use of limited resources.

They BIG and lasting result is the peace of mind that comes from working with someone who has not learned it all from Google but paid the school fees and walks the talk. 

You invest in yourself and your business to develop skills and acquire the know-how to be more confident to DO YOUR OWN marketing; or if need be manage those who do it for you, you get to confidently manage such services.

Suze-Bouwer Course Testimonia

What others have to say…

kloof country club

What an enriching live training session tonight with marketing matriarch Suze Bouwer!  Getting back to the customer avatars what definitely something that I needed to relook. Thank you!  Really blessed with the best mentor!
Time to get back to the grindstone to make 2018 and 2019 the best years yet. – Chelsii Kruck – Kloof Country Club

the victoria falls hotel

Thank you thank you a million times. I have reached the same number of followers and likes on one of the pages I manage, thanks to Suzette’s training, patience, and guidance. Every week has been a learning experience, and her feedback good or bad has made me push even harder. So excited for the next milestone. Happy happy happy! Best teacher ever. #teamsuzettebouwer  – Meghan Volkwyn, The Victoria Falls Hotel

copperleaf and the els club“Suzette is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the word.  When it comes to Marketing and Social Media, Suzette knows all about the subject and gives helpful input to assist the brand. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with Hospitality Marketing.” – Sue Levy, CopperLeaf Estate and Ernie Els Club Gauteng

CMASAMay I commend you on the very professional way that you have assisted us in getting social media going at the Club. You are very much part of us and your positive energy is always greatly appreciated. Long may it continue.” Gary Geddes, Club Management Association of Southern Africa

namtook restaurant“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work done for us and Nam Took, in setting up our social media requirements with regards to our website, Facebook, Trip Advisor etc. We are extremely pleased with the content, visual presentation, the professional look, and the results coming in.” – Cindy & Andy, Namtook Restaurant, Victoria Falls

Ruimsig Coutnry ClubSuzette’s guidance has been truly beneficial to my own growth in social media – I have learned a lot from her and am enthusiastic about her fresh and innovative ideas on social media execution and campaigns. – Samantha Hance, Ruimsig Country Club

Massinga Beach Lodge“Suzette Bouwer started marketing Massinga Beach prior to our opening in 2010 until May 2014. Suzette’s wide range of expertise have included Tour Operator liaison; Brand Awareness and product knowledge, rate strategy and specials, Social Media, Familiarization and media visits, trade workshops, Tourism Indaba and WTM Africa, Reservations and stakeholder relations with the airline, tourism associations, and official bodies. Suzette has an abundance of enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge from many years of experience in the industry. She is extremely energetic and passionate about the tasks she tackles.” – Suzanne Mills, Massinga Beach Lodge, Mozambique


Kickstart Marketing for Small Business FAQs

When is Training?

Any time that suits you using a unique password to access video hosted on Vimeo.  Opt-in to Download all worksheets and Bonus Content.

When does the program kick-off?

Any time that suits you but there is no time to waste which is why you should SIGN UP NOW.  Each session is important for the next and is a building block in your marketing foundation.

The Training is delivered via email weekly and you are encouraged to ask questions each week to help you maintain momentum and avoid lagging behind will derail the process.

How do I Pay?

This secure https e-commerce website has a payment link by major credit cards via Paygate.

Invoices may be requested by email:

Payment is required in full, in advance.

Where will the training take place?

ONLINE. Worksheets and Protected Links are accessed using Logins from your mobile device or desktop. The entire Course is on the web with easy to access via the links provided. No planes, trains, or hours on the road. You can study wherever you wish whenever you wish.  As long as you do the work.

Is this program an Online course?

how to study Kickstart Marketing for Small Business

You may have done online courses and never worked through to the end and somehow ended up feeling cheated; or, you completed a great course out of the office only to come back all motivated to change the way things are done and then … deadline and crisis after crises, pandering to everyone else’s priorities and days turn to weeks and before you know it the course is long forgotten; or, you wish for but can’t afford to work with someone one-on-one, despite knowing this is what you need to keep you on the straight and narrow until you get results you can be proud of.

Well, because we have been there, we know that not all people can attend weekday classes, or have the time and resilience to work successfully through online courses on their own, so we have created an online training-cum-coaching solution from where Suze delivers training and coaching to help you do the work.

This Kickstart Marketing Program presented by Suze Bouwer bridges the gap between most of the learning options out there:

  • Live Training at a Venue:  Taking the time and paying the cost of travelling to a venue and attending a training workshop then having to go back to work and find the time to apply the learning;
  • A self-paced online training course:  Were your implementation is not monitored or of concern to anyone other than you and you have not one to refer to with questions;
  • Learning by finding your own answers:  Having to muddle sort through your own ideas and find the clarity to know what to focus on next;
  • Your own one-on-one Coach:  The most transformational option of all; which is not everyone’s cup of tea; and costs a lot more than an online course.

You get Live support via our Facebook Busienss Page, you learn when and where you want but with an element of monritoring you feel more compelled to do the work; we put what you need in front of you in a planned process plus you have Suze with her passion and exceptional marketing experience in the real world has your back, just an outreach away.

After too many courses online and offline and mentorships to mention, we have tried to eliminate at the learning difficulties know people encounter so we to make it easier and more achievable for non-techy business owners.

What do you get after completing the Course?

IF you do the work, you’ll get

  1. Results that are already showing the potential outcomes from applied knowledge and effort
  2. A sound foundation on which to build future marketing campaigns;
  3. A simple, sustainable system to keep topping up new leads while you turn customers into loyal supporters while making the best use of your time, money and effort.
  4. A visible online presence so that the right people can find you and you make a good first impression!
  5. A plan to do basic marketing of your own business in around two hours per week.
  6. A Facebook ‘shopfront’ on the busiest street in the world!
  7. A clear Description of your Ideal Customer and where they spend their time so you can go after them.
  8. The know-how to dress your shop window to attract your Ideal Customer inside!
  9. The knowledge to pitch your prospect in the right way, at the right time in the right place, with the right offer.
  10. Workbook and cheat sheets that make life easier to refer back to.
  11. Magnetic communication that attracts the right people in and down your sales funnel.
  12. The know-how to do your own small biz marketing or out-source and manage effectively.
  13. Clarity, Focus and Growth for You and Your Business.

Kickstart Marketing for Small Business ContentsTHE Easy Kickstart Marketing Program for all Small Businesses


Short Course for Start-ups and Marketing Newbies to get your business out there with minimum fuss, hassle, and cost.

Get this!  Marketing Made Simple is about the 5 Pillars you need to Go to Market and Grow your Business!


1. Where Your Business is Now “How to do a mini-audit”
2. Define Your Ideal Customer
3. Go where the Masses are. Facebook is WHERE we start and here’s why
Facebook Personal Profile Management Tips
Facebook Page Set-up About, Settings, Your Story
Facebook Tools to help you go to Market – Insights, Algorithm, Status Update, Live
4. Video Marketing
5. Marketing with Images
6. Copywriting Headlines
Content plan
7. Build your List, lead magnets and opt in forms
8. SEO, Search & Website


1. Ideal Customer Template
2. Facebook Personal Profile Management Tips VIDEO
3. Video Testimonial Cheat sheet
4. Ideal Social Media Image Dimensions
5. My favourite ‘go-to’ Free Image sites
6. How to Use Canva Editing Tool Demo (12.25 mins)
7. 30-Day Content Calendar
8. Template to Plan and Implement your Marketing Strategy

Grab it now, start igniting your marketing wthout delay
ZAR 1380 – Email us for your invoice now and get hooked up.

So what do you get?

  • 8 Kickstart Modules (based on what other newbies have told us).
  • 17 bite-size Training Videos designed to get you moving a big step forward with every hour of effort you put in!
  • Worksheets to accompany each Module  are supplied to help you implement the training in your business
  • 8 x BONUSES to make your life easier and marketing more effective.
  • A program designed to build your marketing expertise step-by-step and to help maintain momentum so you get the job done and see results as you go along.
  • Whether you are a watcher, reader or listener, you get the benefit of learning in your own time and at your own convenience on the internet by watching live coaching, video, demo’s, reading articles and downloading workbooks.
  • in a Group and BONUS cheat sheets that will continue to help you into the future.
  • A Convenient learning platform and support
  • An opportunity to save Money, Time and Frustration;
  • The option to get practical advice if you keep up;
  • You learn and implement as you go along;
  • You test and apply your new skills in your own business;
  • Develop a Strategy that you can tweak to suit new marketing objectives and roll out over and over.

Kickstart Marketing for Small Business Choose to Leave Ordinary Behind ... and, I look forward to welcoming you to my tribe!