Email Marketing

A sound strategy includes email marketing to grow business, build customer relationships, trust, and satisfaction. With the rise of mobile connectivity and social distancing, this tactic will grow in importance!


DO IT FOR YOU Email Marketing Set-up

3 Good Reasons to Sign up for this Email Marketing SET-UP Service:

Meet up for Coffee 1-2-1

“If Social Media is the cocktail party, then  email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’.

The original 1 to 1 channel.”

Erik Harbison
  1. There is no other way to build relationships with prospective and current customers or clients that can surpass EMAIL MARKETING in terms of Return on Investment and scaling i.e. one to many!
  2. A small business owner needs automation to get more results with less effort.
  3. Time is Money and it should not be wasted on activities that do not create revenue.  It, therefore, follows that once-off tasks that have a significant learning curve should be undertaken by experts who do it in half the time and get you to the next step where you have more impact faster.
  4. Done well, Email Marketing to Grow your Business can give you the best ROI.

Get it Done @ R1380.00 for you including:

This is the process we offer to ignite your email marketing without delay or frustration:

STEP 1                 You create an Excel spreadsheet of all your Email Contacts (Template format is supplied, and lists will only be accepted in strict compliance with the prescribed format!)

STEP 2                 You create or update a FREE LEAD MAGNET – if you don’t know HOW, I am available to work with you online to create your first lead magnet to entice your audience to share their email address so you can help them get to know you and how you help better.


STEP 3                Sign up for a FREE Mail Chimp Account


STEP 4                 Email us with:

  1. Your Mail Chimp Account LOGIN Username + Password
  2. Attach your Subscribers Excel Spreadsheet in the required format
  3. Attach your Lead Magnet pdf or a link to your Video / Training / Free Offer

STEP 5                 We will:

                             UPLOAD YOUR SUBSCRIBERS list to MailChimp

                             send them your FIRST INTRODUCTORY MAILER and ensure compliance with unsubscribe options

                             CLEAN YOUR LIST following the mailer to remove bounced and undelivered email addresses

                             Your list will now be ready for you to mail with valuable updates and offers.

STEP 6                 We will:

                             Create an OPT-IN Landing page to collect new subscriber information and send them to your Lead Magnet

                             Create a Welcome Autoresponder to new subscribers.

This will set you up with a platform to support your Email Marketing which is an important tactic in your SOCIAL SELLING SYSTEM which takes people from Awareness to Interest to building a Desire to Take Action!

BUY NOW and get your Email Marketing ignited!

Any Questions? Email Suze

Here’s that link to GET YOUR EMAIL MARKETING PROFILE SET UP and Ready, steady … Go!

In 1-2-1 sessions we SHOW YOU HOW to improve your Email Marketing Strategy covering the following:

Email Marketing
  • A layout that makes Newsletters easier to read
  • How to Write Killer Subject Lines that people can’t resist opening
  • How to Avoid Spam Triggers
  • How to use colours and fonts effectively
  • How to edit images to improve the visual impact of emails
  • When you should schedule emails for best results
  • Where to find content inspiration.
  • How to Measure your email marketing performance
  • Why and how to use email signatures to set up sales opportunities
  • The role of email marketing in Lead Generation
  • How to manage your database so your list remains red hot.
  • Where to use email opt-in forms to build your list and top up your prospect funnel.

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