Email Marketing

All you need is some relatively simple tweaks (and patience) to make your mail list and an Email Marketing Strategy ignite your marketing and sales.

“In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.”

– Stan Rapp, MRM Partners Worldwide

It takes  x8  as much marketing resource to convert a new customer as it does to increase loyalty in an existing one.

A sound email marketing strategy builds customer intimacy, trust and satisfaction and with the rise of the smart phone this has grown in importance!

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We SHOW YOU HOW TO with Coaching you to improve your Email Marketing Strategy covering the following:

Email Marketing Stragegy

  • Layout that make Newsletters easier to read
  • How to write Killer Subject Lines that people can’t resist opening
  • How to Avoid Spam Triggers
  • How to use colours and fonts effectively
  • How to edit images to improve visual impact of emails
  • When you should schedule emails for best results
  • Where to find content Inspiration.
  • How to Measure your email marketing performance
  • Why and how to use email signatures to set up sales opportunities
  • The role of email marketing in Lead Generation
  • How to manage your database so your list remains red hot.

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