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Guest Reviews – How to become an Alchemist!

Are your negative reviews earning you kudo’s? 15 Tips for turning Customer Feedback into Gold! We hope that you only receive glowing accolades and fabulous online reviews but chances are there are one or two grumpy ones that creep in from time to time. Your hard earned Brand reputation plus applicable consumer protection legislation demands […]

The 5 Stages Customer Journey

By applying your ‘passion’ when analyzing the performance of your business during each of the 5 stages of the customer journey, it will be easy to see how you can stand out above your competition and keep the attention of potential customers. When I plan a trip, I take a lot of care with my […]

Five of Richard Branson’s and one of Mine

Richard Branson started a blog on LinkedIn. His Five top tips to starting a Successful Business are both refreshing and thought provoking. I have précised his five top tips: 1. Listen more than you talk Brilliant ideas can spring from the most unlikely places. 2. Keep it simple. You have to do something radically […]


This article highlights issues about SEO of your website and the importance of an ongoing campaign: It is no longer about a ‘pretty’ site and as we embark on our marketing plans for 2012, SEO (handled by our carefully identified professionals who specialise in this service) will feature very prominently to ensure that your […]

How do your clients perceive real value?

Should You Flash? makes for a good read about using Flash Sale channels but my interest and invitation for comment is : “How do our top-end clients perceive real value” You have heard the comment “there is a reason, rich people are rich” And the point made in this article resonates: The path laid by luxury goods flash […]

supporting Free Wi-fi in hotels

following last week’s tweet on my Twitter account @sahotels Suzette Bouwer Join list of all hotels offering free WiFi for their guests … hashtag #3wifihotels.  9 Jun via web I am still on about Free Wi-fi in hotels Hotels are looking to boost occupancy (Or should be – my comment) through added room amenities. When […]

Effective Hospitality Marketing in 2011

I am struck by the “Back to Basics” concepts below. Common sense prevails and remembering how you wish to be treated … it really is pretty simple ”Don’t go after a friend to make a sale; go after a sale to make a friend”  by long time sales executive and Executive Vice President, HSMAI Adrian […]