Hospitality Marketing



This article highlights issues about SEO of your website and the importance of an ongoing campaign: It is no longer about a ‘pretty’ site and as we embark on our marketing plans for 2012, SEO (handled by our carefully identified professionals who specialise in this service) will feature very prominently to ensure that your […]

Content is surely King!

TODAY’S GREAT NEWS… THE big shift in search is that humans will now have a say in what makes good content, rather than just the machine. According to Google, this means that low quality content and search engine fodder will have no place to hide or, more accurately, Google will hide it much further down the […]

Added Value for Women Travellers

These simple concepts allow management to come up with the most reasonable and appropriate  personalised ways to satisfy their female guests – using the Services, Amenities, Facilities and Design provided by their individual hotel. Four affective emotion states (wants) were identified: Feelings of Safety Above all, women want to feel safe Added Value: Hotel managers should review the ways they can […]

How do your clients perceive real value?

Should You Flash? makes for a good read about using Flash Sale channels but my interest and invitation for comment is : “How do our top-end clients perceive real value” You have heard the comment “there is a reason, rich people are rich” And the point made in this article resonates: The path laid by luxury goods flash […]

supporting Free Wi-fi in hotels

following last week’s tweet on my Twitter account @sahotels Suzette Bouwer Join list of all hotels offering free WiFi for their guests … hashtag #3wifihotels.  9 Jun via web I am still on about Free Wi-fi in hotels Hotels are looking to boost occupancy (Or should be – my comment) through added room amenities. When […]

Effective Hospitality Marketing in 2011

I am struck by the “Back to Basics” concepts below. Common sense prevails and remembering how you wish to be treated … it really is pretty simple ”Don’t go after a friend to make a sale; go after a sale to make a friend”  by long time sales executive and Executive Vice President, HSMAI Adrian […]

Is the Hotel Spa a Cash Cow or a Burden?

Unfortunately, most of the time, the spa is underutilized or even empty. As a result spa’s in hotels often represent an additional cost factor, instead of an incremental revenue source. Many hotel property owners and hotel management teams of city hotels, resorts, conference hotels and upscale country side B&B’s are adding a luxury Spa to their […]

The Value of Independent Experts

A thought for the week – synergies with small, independent sales, marketing and PR experts offers owners a really effective solution that brings hands-on services, cost savings, out of the box strategies and so much more … much like creative design Benefits of Engaging a Small Design Studio In a small design studio, the principle/owner […]

Social Media can increase conversion

Improving interactive customer service and social media are two ways to reduce abandonment and potentially increase conversion on your hotel website. Nearly 3 in 5 US online consumers will consider abandoning an online purchase if they have questions and can’t get immediate help. According to a major global hotel chain “proactive chat helped it reduce […]