How to Help Customers choose YOU!

TESTIMONIALS are a way to monitor customer satisfaction as well as your service delivery and standards, but also to use for marketing purposes. You should encourage Customers to provide you with feedback constantly. Customer and Client Testimonials are one of your most effective and inexpensive marketing tools at your disposal to attract customers and yet […]

How to Plan your Social Conversations

This is an example of a 10 day Chat Plan to inspire content generation that attracts more followers, increases Reach and engagement. The reason to be active on social media is because that is where your audience hangs out more than any other place online. Social media offers you inexpensive marketing channels to communicate with […]

How to Get it On with Video Marketing!

You’re probably asking why all the hype about video marketing and so much talk from me about the subject on all my platforms? Let’s highlight some reasons for you. Video marketing is one of the newest additions to your promotion toolbox because it is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out […]

How to be Persuasive and Ignite your Marketing communication

Persuasive people are adept at reading and responding to other people. They rely heavily on emotional intelligence (EQ) to bring people to their way of thinking. With 90% of top performers high in emotional intelligence, it’s no wonder that persuasive people rely on this skill to get ahead. Add these skills to your repertoire, and […]

What are CHATBOTS and Why Marketers should care?

First came Websites – Then came Social Media – Then Mobile – Now Messaging (and Chatbots) This is something every marketer needs to pay attention to because the bots are coming. If you are marketing and providing customer service online, then you will be are well aware of the consumer’s growing desire for instant, one-on-one […]

Free Training & Templates

Suze Bouwer hosts free training, online by webinars, to help you Ignite Start-ups and Small Business Marketing. It’s Easy, It’s Convenient No downloads or software is required. On the due day you simply click on the link that is mailed to you after registration and you listen and view the webinar. Webinars can be accessed […]