customer retention


Added Value for Women Travellers

These simple concepts allow management to come up with the most reasonable and appropriate  personalised ways to satisfy their female guests – using the Services, Amenities, Facilities and Design provided by their individual hotel. Four affective emotion states (wants) were identified: Feelings of Safety Above all, women want to feel safe Added Value: Hotel managers should review the ways they can […]

How do your clients perceive real value?

Should You Flash? makes for a good read about using Flash Sale channels but my interest and invitation for comment is : “How do our top-end clients perceive real value” You have heard the comment “there is a reason, rich people are rich” And the point made in this article resonates: The path laid by luxury goods flash […]

supporting Free Wi-fi in hotels

following last week’s tweet on my Twitter account @sahotels Suzette Bouwer Join list of all hotels offering free WiFi for their guests … hashtag #3wifihotels.  9 Jun via web I am still on about Free Wi-fi in hotels Hotels are looking to boost occupancy (Or should be – my comment) through added room amenities. When […]

Effective Hospitality Marketing in 2011

I am struck by the “Back to Basics” concepts below. Common sense prevails and remembering how you wish to be treated … it really is pretty simple ”Don’t go after a friend to make a sale; go after a sale to make a friend”  by long time sales executive and Executive Vice President, HSMAI Adrian […]