The Ides and other March Days of the Month

Take these March Days of the Month to add some fun, information and variation to your posts this month. It’s more about ENTERTAINING, EDUCATING AND ENRICHING your prospects before you start SELLING. Help them get to KNOW – LIKE – TRUST YOU first with March Days of the Month. FREE DOWNLOAD MARCH DAYS OF THE […]

Marketing and Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour Changes

Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour Changes and Life as we knew it is no longer business as usual. Covid-19 Consumer Behaviour Changes means that the way we consumer Live, Work, Play and Shop have all changed.  Our loved ones, friends, extended families, colleagues, suppliers, customers, clients, services … you name it … have changed, some forever and […]

February Days to Inspire Content Creation

There are numerous ways you can take inspiration for these February Days to create content that helps your Brand and your Business stand out. When using February Days of the year think which Days apply to your business or your NICHE target markets and their interests. Like any social conversation, talk about topics that are […]

JANUARY Daily Content Marketing

JANUARY Daily Content Marketing inspo has been created from our library diligently collected over many years using numerous sources including website like Days of the Year, US National Days Calendar, plus nearer to home Net Florist, Regional and South African National Holidays. DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE LIST and our content plan template HERE There are many […]

Great Content Marketing is a Commitment

What is Great Content Marketing? In consultation with you, we compile your calendar, create content, post the content regularly and consistently as required to achieve your marketing objectives plus supply a monthly performance report. To be effective with Content Marketing you must know: Who your Ideal Customer is and what they are looking for. Where […]