How to Ignite Your 2018 Marketing Strategy


Ready to Make this Your Best Year Yet? Create a 2018 winning Marketing Strategy and Unlock Facebook’s Small Business Marketing Tools, with this FREE TRAINING!

Free Marketing TRAINING by Suze Bouwer on 25 JAN 2018

Suze Bouwer has worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, and for SADC Secretariat, & travelled through the region from Johannesburg to the Equator in Kenya.

This is for you if you manage or own a small business like a lodge, golf club, boutique hotel, restaurant; also Hairdressers, Photographers, Estate Agents And Shop Owners – in fact, anyone who faces modern marketing challenges but thankfully the principles are the same although the implementation may be in constant change because of the Internet!

If you are in any way skeptical about online marketing, Facebook and wishing for a helping hand to break free of the same old ways that took your business nowhere last year; or if you are dreaming about converting your passion into a new business, perhaps you have no idea where to find new customers; you are a skilled manager but marketing  leaves you want so you know that you have to learn new things in order to stay competitive … I’ve got a big opportunity lined up for you.

I’ve been where you are but now based on all the client scenarios that I have worked, many in difficult industries, my tweaking, testing, updating in the crazy dynamic online space; you now have access to this pretty unique vault of valuable Insider knowledge and the many tips and tricks agencies will keep secret and charge money to do for you.

And, Guest What?  The cost to you now will ONLY be an hour of your time on Thursday 25 January 2018 at Noon!

After 25 years of executive marketing in the corporate world, I decided to get off the treadmill thinking it would be easy.  Ha-Ha!  The Truth is that I struggled and muddled along on my own for two years, before discovering my own Mentor.  But, my Mentors have been and are US-based and whilst they are eons ahead of us with their online marketing savvy; the reality is do they speak and behave very differently to us.

The US learning systems were a huge challenge for an #ITphobe like me.   But, I pushed through, up and out the other end.  During this time I and created a business each for myself and my hubby using online marketing tactics BUT built what I learned on the years I spent working for demanding result-driven executive.

I know how different it is for small business and solo-preneurs which is why I am giving you the opportunity to work with me and benefit from my ongoing growth AND 30 years of experience.  You will learn easier, cheaper and better ways to get things done. The difference will be that you do it QUICKER!

I can help your get passed frustrating struggles without wasting any more time, effort and bucks.

dont struggle with 2018 Marketing Strategy

It’s a new year and IF 2018 is going to be YOUR year, then you have to know that you cannot keep doing the same things over and expect Better Results.

Why I am qualified to help you with your 2018 Marketing Strategy.

I'll show you how to pick low hanging fruit

I created a coaching business and worked side by side with many managers and owners to claim a real online presence and outperform their competitors by cutting a path through the woods.

Once you can see past the trees and view the desired end result you can establish priorities and focus on picking the lowest hanging fruit.

I have built on the work I do in my own and other businesses that trust me to show them the way;  I am not an Agency and I do not only Tell you what to do like most training courses.

I SHOW YOU HOW to do it from Personal Experience in businesses like yours and mine.  I also know that you need me to provide support for assistance when you get stuck!  My coaching clients jump on Skype or Whats App at any time to contact me for solutions or to bounce ideas!

REGISTER  FOR LIVE TRAINING On Thursday 25 January 2018 12h00 I am going to cover the Essential Basics you need to create a sound and sustainable foundation on which to build your 2018 Marketing Strategy.

Even if you already have yours in place, you would do well to check these boxes:

YES - make it mineHow to define what you offer in terms of BENEFITS delivered.

YES - make it mineHow to define your IDEAL CUSTOMER and why do you need to be Specific

YES - make it mineHow Business GOALS keep you on track, save you time and money.

YES - make it mineFACEBOOK TRICKS that many small business operators do not even know exist.

YES - make it mineHow to INTEGRATE social media marketing with your website, email list and offline tactics.

What you Get to help you with your 2018 Marketing Strategy !

  • CLARITY about what you need to do first to put your business out there without delay.
  • FOCUS on what’s important, what to ignore or put off for now.
  • TOOLS and TEMPLATES to make it easier and quicker to get the job done.
  • CLOSED GROUP MEMBERSHIP that gives you valuable access to any similar Broadcasts & Tips and which I actually charge outsiders real money for.
  • JOIN a unique business network of like-minded small business owners and operators.
  • WATCH Live Training and ASK your own burning questions!
  • You will also get SPECIAL RATES for any implementation coaching and training courses I release in future.

I’m giving you a Free opportunity to see how I work and if there is a Fit! (… You leave at any time if you find it’s not for you.)

 Let’s look at what other People have to Say about my work


“Suzette is a breath of fresh air in every sense of the word.  When it comes to Marketing and Social Media, Suzette knows all about the subject and gives helpful input to assist the brand. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance with Hospitality Marketing.” – Sue Levy, Mnandi, Gauteng

CMASAMay I commend you on the very professional way that you have assisted us in getting social media going at the Club. You are very much part of us and your positive energy is always greatly appreciated. Long may it continue.” Gary Geddes, Club Management Association of Southern Africa

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent work namtook restaurantdone for us and Nam Took, in setting up our social media requirements with regards to our website, Facebook, Trip Advisor etc. We are extremely pleased with the content, visual presentation, the professional look, and the results coming in.” – Cindy & Andy, Namtook Restaurant, Victoria Falls

Ruimsig Coutnry ClubSuzette’s guidance has been truly beneficial to my own growth in social media – I have learned a lot from her and am enthusiastic about her fresh and innovative ideas on social media execution and campaigns. – Samantha Hance, Ruimsig Country Club

“Suzette Bouwer started marketing Massinga Beach prior to our opening in 2010 until May 2014. Suzette’s wide range of expertise have included Tour Operator Massinga Beach Lodgeliaison; Brand Awareness and product knowledge, rate strategy and specials, Social Media, Familiarization and media visits, trade workshops, Tourism Indaba and WTM Africa, Reservations and stakeholder relations with the airline, tourism associations , and official bodies. Suzette has an abundance of enthusiasm and a wealth of knowledge from many years of experience in the industry. She is extremely energetic and passionate about the tasks she tackles.” – Suzanne Mills, Massinga Beach Lodge, Mozambique

You can Decide to Leave Ordinary Behind and let me help you…


Any questions?  Mail me

I look forward to seeing you on the Inside!


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