7 Tips for Preparing for Declining Social Media Reach

These Tips will help prepare for the reality of declining Social Media Reach in 2017.

I am guessing that if I find very little time to listen to, and learn from, podcasts presented by marketing gurus, that you might be in the same boat.

Fortunately, a bit of time-out during this holiday season has meant finding the time to do exactly that.  I decided to summarize the take-outs I collected from this Podcast, as Amy Porterfield talks with the great Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner.

With so many people and businesses on social media, marketers are competing with family and friends for limited “Mind Share”.

One of the things you can be very sure of is that social media reach will continue to decline and consequently social media marketers will have tough job getting their content in front of prospective customers.

It is no longer good enough to just produce valuable content – if people don’t see it, it’s wasted.

Tip 1:  Limit Self Promotion to Increase Social Media Reach

Stop self-promoting completely on Facebook unless it is linked to a paid Ad.

Tip 2:  Be Generous

Supply FREE valuable content which makes people want to part with their email list.

Do a live Q&A to really help and link to promotions of your products or services.

Tip 3:  Pay to Play

An answer lies in providing respected, targeted content, plus you MUST advertise to you audience to get their attention.  Right now Facebook Ads are still provide a much higher ROI than Google but this will not last forever.  You can expect cost of Ads on Facebook to increase, so get on board now.

Tip 4:  Focus on email acquisition.

Your email list is still your most valuable marketing asset.

Tip 5:  Email Optin

You website email optin box must be tested and tweaked until it increases your conversion rate.  Test headline, opt in box style, colour and image.

Tip 6:  Email Deliverability

A big mail list is no good if your mails are not being delivered and opened.  Check your date and find ways to make people value your email.

Tip 7:  It’s not about Quantity

Don’t increase frequency to compensate for lower Reach.

Get in front of your most important audience.  Don’t focus on the size of your audience but rather the quality; the right traffic and not how much traffic.

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